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Rugged Ranch Heavy Duty Feeder with Lid

Rugged Ranch Heavy Duty Feeder with Lid

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Feed your livestock simply and safely with the Rugged Ranch Heavy Duty Feeder with Lid. This compact, yet spacious, feeder holds enough hay to satisfy your animals and attaches directly to your corral for easy feeding. Made from heavy-duty, element-resisting, galvanized steel, the feeder is safely designed with rounded edges so it wont hurt your animals—even when they are a little overenthusiastic about their dinner. You can attach the feedbox directly to the metal pipe or wooden fencing of your corral and it will be at an ideal level for your pals to eat comfortably. Securely holds a variety of foods—including hay or grain—to keep your horses, cattle, and other livestock well-fed. Bin comes with a lid to protect hay against outdoor elements.

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