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Gravity Conveyor | 24 W x 5 L | 1.5 Rollers | 4.5 Centers

Gravity Conveyor | 24 W x 5 L | 1.5 Rollers | 4.5 Centers

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VERSATILE WITH DESIGN: With an overall width of 24 (measured from outside of frame to outside of frame) and 22 between frames, Ultimations gravity conveyor is designed to accommodate a wide range of projects, making it the perfect solution for your inventory transporting needs, woodworking, and even as a feeding table for your DIY projects using a table saw! DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Ultimations gravity conveyor has a length of 5 feet, making it ideal for transporting products across various distances. The 1.5 diameter steel rollers are constructed of galvanized steel withstanding loads of up to 700 lbs when the conveyor is fully supported and handling up to 100 lbs per linear foot, abd 50 lbs per roller. Its perfect for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, warehouse, woodworking, and carpentry settings. GRAVITY CONVEYOR: With roller centers of 4.5 between rollers, Ultimations gravity conveyor ensures smooth and efficient movement of your products. The steel frame measures 2-1/2′′ deep x 1′′ flange x 12 ga. powder-coated steel, providing strength and durability. When fully supported, this conveyor can handle a maximum load capacity of 700 pounds, making it a reliable solution for your heavy-duty material handling needs. SLEEK & PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL HANDLING SOLUTION: The Ultimation Blue Light Duty Gravity Conveyor is the perfect combination of functionality and style for your warehouse or production facility. This conveyor not only streamlines material handling processes but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. Its robust yet lightweight construction ensures efficient performance without compromising on durability, making it the ideal choice for businesses. LIGHTWEIGHT & CUTTING LABOR HOURS INTO A FRACTION: Despite its heavy-duty construction, this gravity conveyor is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just 47 pounds. Glide your heavy inventory and materials across this conveyor to transport the goods from one location to the next in a smooth and easy fashion. Looking for an efficient and cost-effective conveyor line solution Look no further than Ultimations gravity conveyors! With options such as gravity curves and spur additions, the versatility of straight conveyors can be enhanced to suit your specific needs. Unlike skate wheel types, gravity roller conveyors can support heavier loads. Ultimations gravity conveyors come in lengths of 5 and a range of widths from 12 to 24. The roller centers are 3, 4-1/2, or 6 between rollers. Choose from roller diameters of 1.5, 1.9, to suit your load requirements. Please note that leg supports are sold separately. Invest in an Ultimation gravity conveyor for a versatile and reliable solution to your conveyor line needs.

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