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Bear Mattress Elite Hybrid - Full, Firm, with 2 Free Pillows, White

Bear Mattress Elite Hybrid - Full, Firm, with 2 Free Pillows, White

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Our Elite Hybrid is a world-class luxury, innerspring + foam mattress that provides sophisticated cooling, comfort, and support by utilizing innovative technologies. With the choice of three different comfort-levels, the Elite Hybrid can accommodate all body types, sleep positions, and personal feel preferences. Phase Change Material, or PCM as its commonly called, uses thermoregulation to absorb your body heat and keep you cool all night long. Copper-infused Memory Foam whisks away your unwanted body heat allowing for a balanced temperature distribution throughout the night. Individually encased spring coils conform to your bodys curves for exceptional support and motion response. Each coil reacts to your bodys pressure independently, instead of all together, minimizing and reducing movement while increasing comfort. Edge-to-edge coils along the perimeter reinforce and enhance the overall durability and strength of your mattress. Our unique zoned coil system provides just the right amount of support in all the right places. Each zone in the Elite Hybrid specializes in specific pressure points offering up to 4x the relief. The high gauge coils in the center provide the added lumbar support for where sleepers need it most.

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